The Press Start Pulse

The Press Start Pulse #91

6 months ago

This week a BUNCH of new music for you AND a megamix from the one and only Omega Sparx!!

The playlist is in order and marked as follows:

Title by Artist – Album

  • The People Could Fly by Malibu Shark Attack!
  • Everyone's A Little Bit Gay by MC Lars - Nerdcore Family Vol 1
  • Jesse Helms by MC Hawking (Dark Matter)
  • U.N.I.F.Y. by TekForce
  • Alabaster by Shubzilla & Bill Beats - Boomers V.2
  • Pronoun Throwdown by Mega Ran
  • Mighty Morphing by Sammus - Infusion
  • Fuck The Police by Hairetsu - B-Sides|FreeSides
  • Black Flags by DZK
  • Too Soon by Kadesh Flow, Atlas - Too Soon / Free People 2-Pack

Nerdcore Radio Mix from Gamebreax!

Featured Artists:

Malibu Shark Attack! -

MC Lars -

MC Hawking -

Tekforce –

Shubzilla -

Bill Beats -

Mega Ran –

Sammus –

Hairetsu -


Kadesh Flow –

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