Press Start on Pulse #26

New music from Ryako, FrivolousShara, and Vadell Gabriel and a ton of great classics!

The playlist is in order and marked as follows:

Title by Artist – Album

  • My Great Escape by Ryako - Fangirl
  • No One Understands Throwing Up Their Hands by Kordlyss Jackson - Polack
  • Arcade Trip (ft. Maros) by 2 Mello - Game Center CX EP
  • Rap Fanatic by nYgel ft The Ranger, Jesse Dangerously & Logic One - Rhyme Torrents Volume 7
  • Those Minerals by Kabuto the Python and B.C. - The N7 EP
  • Kiss Kaboom by Emergency Pizza Party - Shine Avenue
  • Play With Me [f. Bethzilla] by Beefy - The Adventures of Beef Thompson: Private Dick
  • Dawn to Dawn (Ft. Okumura) by FrivolousShara - Route 44
  • Reign Of Error by Sudden Death - Rhyme Torrents Volume III
  • Cody T. Is Mayor (Co-Prod. by SCSI of Notable Electronic Sounds) by Vadell Gabriel
  • Einstein (MadHatter's Oldschool Saxiness Mix) by MadHatter - Rewind and Refresh Volume One
  • It's War! (feat. Epicenter) by Swagberg - Super Excellent Mixtape
  • Orcs Vs Men by Phill Harmonix - RandomBeats Presents...WuCraft
  • g'z-n-geekz (Prod. by Baddd Spellah) by Id Obelus - the Jabberbox
  • Dummy Rap (produced by King Dionte Boom) by Detective Tuesday

Featured Artists:

Ryako -

VeraFX –

Id Obelus -

Detective Tuesday -

Swagberg -

MadHatter –

Phill Harmonix –

Vadell Gabriel –

Sudden Death -

FrivolousShara -

Beefy –

2 Mello –

Kordlyss -

Kabuto the Python –

Emergency Pizza Party -

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