Press Start on Pulse #32

I know I'm so late!!! But here we go!

The playlist is in order and marked as follows:

Title by Artist – Album

  • Makeshift Flow (Prod. Random Beats) by SkyBlew - SkyBlew's UNModern Life
  • Shame Of The Otaku by MC Frontalot - Final Boss
  • Crystal Gem by My Parents Favorite Music - Mount Weird
  • Superfly by Southside - Liquors
  • Check Out The Style - Coins & Swamp Thing by Coins - The Exploding Hot Death Lava Mixtape
  • Gimmie Dat (featuring Sulfur) by Mikal kHill & Vince Vandal
  • Hive Mind by Twill Distilled (Distilled Screams)
  • Drippin' (feat. Annakie) by Kabuto the Python and B.C. - The N7 EP
  • Hunger by Eye Q, TekForce and Kadesh Flow - Nerdcore Absolution Volume 3
  • Slept Through A Landslide (feat.Krista Muir & Noah 23) by Jesse Dangerously - Slept Through a Landslide (Tired Angels remix)
  • Civil War (feat. Gary Samurai, Tribe One) by Adam Warrock - You Dare Call That Thing Human?!?
  • tw3rp by Beefy - The Adventures of Beef Thompson: Private Dick
  • Wowhead by Phill Harmonix - RandomBeats Presents...WuCraft
  • Tales Of A Broken Musician Ft. 200N & Natural by LX & Philonius Phunk - Cerebro

Featured Artists:

Adam WarRock –

Beefy –

Coins -

Kabuto the Python –

LX –

My Parent’s Favorite Music –

Mikal kHill –

MC Frontalot –

SkyBlew –

Twill Distilled –

Phill Harmonix –

Philonius Phunk –

Jesse Dangerously –

Southside –

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